Making one person smile (Aug)

Thought for the day: 9 February 2017


For the past week, in my spare time I have been stripping wallpaper off the walls of a spare room which I normally use for painting, sewing and creative activities. It is at the back of the house and gets great afternoon sun. With the wallpaper stripped, I moved on to washing the ceiling, and then sanding the scotia (cornice) around the ceiling. I have washed the window ledges and window frames, and only just started sanding them.

My plan is to repaint the ceiling, scotia and skirting, window frames and ledges, and to wallpaper the walls. While I feel like I’ve made a good start, each time I go into that room I can see that I have a long way to go.

So far, I have been blessed with a constant companion – thus the photo above. That’s her resting on one of the old curtains I’m using as a drop sheet. Whenever I have work to do – she’s there, ready and waiting to give me company and to oversee my progress. I believe the part of the process she enjoys the most are the times when I stop and rest in a big easy chair and she’ll come over and jump up into my lap and lie down, even if I only sit there for a few minutes.

She has certainly been, thus far, my precious companion, and a constant friend. For these things I am grateful!