Thought for the day: 29 September 2017

value of a moment

I think as I’ve grown older and experienced more of life, I’ve become more aware of the truth behind these words. 

I can think of times I haven’t really appreciated the value of the encounter or situation until days, weeks, in fact sometimes years later. Times when I didn’t truly appreciate the time I had with people that mattered to me. It’s as if the encounters were a gift that I now value but didn’t at the time. So there’s now a sense of sorrow and grief – not only are some of those people no longer here on earth, but I see the preciousness of opportunities that won’t occur again. Dynamics that have changed. Children who are now well into adulthood with children of their own. Friends who have come and gone, whose faces I don’t expect to see again. Things I willingly gave up at the time, only to realise that years later I mourn their loss. 

It seems crazy now, but hindsight is like that. Unmet expectations can cause such pain. It’s as if some precious jewellery has been stolen and I wept at its loss, only to realise it wasn’t stolen at all. In a moment of madness I gave it all away. The loss was totally my own doing. 

So reminder to self is to appreciate the good things, the good people, the opportunities that are before me right now, so that in coming weeks, months or years I can enjoy not just the memories made but also the knowledge that I didn’t waste a precious drop of life; I made the most the opportunities and experiences available to me. 

Thought for today: 27 September 2017

Stay humble.

Love the simplicity and conciseness of this quote, as well as the basic truth. Humility, hard work, kindness. 

I might be oversimplifying things here but as a thought to carry with me throughout the day, this works for me. 

A lesson to live by…

Thought for today: 15 September 2017


I know this doesn’t follow my usual theme of inspiration, kindness and compassion but I feel like there’s some truth in this quote – about belief in oneself, making your own choices and being prepared to accept the consequences of those choices; making the choices you believe are right regardless of what others think or say.

I need to be reminded of this from time to time which is why I’ve included it here. There’s something great about making a decision and pursuing it and seeing it through. If I succeed, then I’ve done that on my own merits. If I fail – it was a learning curve, and no-one can say I didn’t try. I was courageous and I like that about me!

Sometimes I think we just need to do what we need to do…. for us.

Wisdom to live by: Part 6 – Kindness


I hate feeling judged by others. But I love the sense that kindness can counteract judgement; that because they tend towards opposite ends of the same spectrum, I can’t focus on both, so if I’m judging someone else for whatever reason, it makes sense that I’m pretty unlikely to be motivated by kindness. Alternatively, choosing kindness means I’m less likely to focus on judging others.

Kindness is a characteristic that matters to me. I think about it often, and it’s important to me. Yet, I know I’m not always kind. I want to be but I know that sometimes I’m impatient, which means I don’t always take the time to really listen to what someone is saying – so my impatience can lead to a lack of kindness. And neither of those are things I’m proud of. Consequently, I think it’s good to remind myself regularly that kindness matters to me.

Kindness is like a plant that needs care and attention – kindness takes time to cultivate. I’d like kindness to grow in the garden of my heart; a little like a herb garden where your staple herbs are always accessible and available for use; where picking and using a little parsley or mint, chives or rosemary doesn’t mean I use the entire plant, I just use a little. Just enough for their flavour to permeate and enhance whatever it is I’m cooking. And by picking off some of the tender tips, I’m encouraging the growth of the plant.