Watching angels dance

I awoke to the most gentle of touches on my cheek

like being kissed by a velvet petal

or butterfly wings against my face

a caress so soft it was almost unrecognized by my senses.

A secret invitation whispered on a gentle zephyr

“Come dance with us, come dance”

and how they danced – 

so tender, so quiet but sheer joy

barely movement – absolute beauty – pure grace

the fluid motion of individual beings: separate and united

I watched, astounded, my eyes drinking in the vision

my body paralyzed and mute

so beautiful I cried when it was over

not understanding why I was chosen

not understanding the reason for this –

the gift of being a silent witness

watching angels dance


Thought for today: 10 January 2017


I know I have a gentle heart. It hasn’t always been this way. Once I was a hard nosed salesperson who fought for what she wanted, and was driven and determined. Not so now – after life experiences have led me to follow my heart rather than career, money and position. And I like myself more this way. I feel like I am more authentically me. I am soft, and easily hurt; my barriers are weak these days because I let myself be loved by another and so I don’t have to defend myself like I did when I was alone. I’m no longer a castle, an impregnable fortress – in contrast I feel more like a defenseless sea sponge or a wet bus ticket!

But I believe this is how I was meant to be: soft, gentle, vulnerable…. which means I know pain and hurt and we talk sometimes; but in addition to them I have made new friends: I welcome my ally compassion and have made empathy my confidante; kindness is the companion I often look out for and gentleness an intimate colleague. I am well acquainted with hope, and we know how to find each other in dark times.

It’s not always comfortable to be the way I am; not always convenient to acknowledge my feelings; not always pleasant to have such a low threshold or to be seen to be such an obvious target. But my softness is part of my strength (though sometimes I forget this) so I take consolation in the knowledge that I am being true to myself, to my creator, to the path I’ve chosen. And the quote above is a reminder that it’s ok to be this way, that my sensitivity has value, and might even be perceived by some to be a gift in today’s world. Whatever the case, for now I choose to stay soft.