Thought for today: 23 March 2017


I have a couple of good friends that I don’t get to see very often. Sometimes its months since we’ve seen each other. Sometimes when we talk about our lives and what we’ve been up to I become aware of the differences between us. Sometimes I get sidetracked by focussing on those differences between us -how they see life in a certain way that I don’t, or they feel strongly about something I don’t or vice versa. And then I remember… the reason we are friends is because of the things that we have in common, the beliefs we share, and the memories of experiences we have shared together in the past, the meals we’ve shared, the times we’ve laughed together or cried together.

What makes us friends is not our differences but what we share in common. 

This quote is one for the ‘mental note to self’ category: to focus not on what separates us, and makes us different but on what we share, and what unites us.