Thought for the day: 11 March 2017


I guess it’s all about perspective. For every ending, there’s a new beginning.

The six month contract I started early May last year was supposed to run until late October, but was extended until late December and is now on a month by month basis. The government department I’m contracted to is upgrading a specific computer system and outsourcing several tasks that my colleague and I have been performing. Now I can see the progress being made in terms of the system upgrade, and the gradual transition of responsibilities to the new supplier. It’s been interesting to watch the initial steps of the project which were small and tentative, slowly growing into larger and more confident steps as the project progressed. I expect my role to change fairly significantly in the next four to six weeks as my part of the project begins winding down, and I’m happy about that.

As I prepare the face my exit from this role, I believe that every exit really is an entrance to somewhere else – and it will be interesting to see what’s next. And I’m looking forward to the completion of this step, and to whatever the next step will be. The way I see it, a door (or gate) has two sides: from one side it’s an exit, from the other side it’s an entrance. So once again, it’s all about perspective and how I choose to look at this. Here’s to an enjoyable exit, and the opportunities and possibilities a new entrance may bring!


Watching angels dance

I awoke to the most gentle of touches on my cheek

like being kissed by a velvet petal

or butterfly wings against my face

a caress so soft it was almost unrecognized by my senses.

A secret invitation whispered on a gentle zephyr

“Come dance with us, come dance”

and how they danced – 

so tender, so quiet but sheer joy

barely movement – absolute beauty – pure grace

the fluid motion of individual beings: separate and united

I watched, astounded, my eyes drinking in the vision

my body paralyzed and mute

so beautiful I cried when it was over

not understanding why I was chosen

not understanding the reason for this –

the gift of being a silent witness

watching angels dance