Thought for the day: 30 December 2016


In keeping with my current theme of self love and self care, I love the way this quote gives me permission to see myself as a masterpiece (or possibly A Masterpiece) – a wonderfully unique, brilliant, astonishing, breath-takingly beautiful ME…  and at the same time be free to take chances, make mistakes, choose an alternative colour or tone or attitude or feeling…

In the past few days I have been wearing some of my husband’s Hawaiian/Polynesian shirts. They are a number of sizes too big but I love the patterns and colours so I’ve been wearing them… proudly! It’s about letting me be me… And if no-one else understands, then it really is me being me – and I’m good with that! So far, so good. We are coming up to a new year – always an introspective time for me. I try to think through what I’ve achieved (rather than failed at), and what I’d like to achieve in the new year…. maybe…   Let’s see where this goes…

Being me – 27 December 2016

So it’s only been a few days since I’ve really confronted this self-love stuff.

Both 23rd and 24th December were rough days and left me feeling stressed and pretty fragile. On Christmas morning the negative voices started up at full force and I finally said “ENOUGH!!! I’m gonna ignore you now, so go away!” And then I realised I needed to forgive myself for all the stuff I’ve done in the past that has been foolish or unwise – all the stuff I continue to psychologically beat myself up over that’s in the past. I keep remembering and rehashing this stuff and it’s a great way of buying back into the guilt and shame and general bad feelings associated with these events. So I made a decision to stop. I forgave myself for past transgressions and misdemeanors and foolishness and decided to move on. No more rehashing of negative past experiences. Time to accept that today is a new day and to look forward, not back. Can’t change the past but I can do something with today, in terms of my attitudes and behaviours.

That was Christmas morning – spending the day with my husband’s family went very well – better than expected, and it was casual and relaxed. And since then I have decided:

“This is me – what you see is what you get. If you don’t like it I no longer care because this is who I am. It’s about time I was true to myself and began to value myself; to truly love and honour who I am.”

So the past few days have been focussed on self love and self care. I feel a sense of freedom and acceptance. So far, so good. The past few days have been positive steps in the right direction. Here’s to more of that!!  I put a few photos on facebook yesterday (which I seldom go into, let alone contribute to) and decided if other people liked them that was great – if no one responded to my photos I didn’t care. This is me and this is who I am.


I read this on WordPress yesterday and it was so encouraging I just had to make it mine.

Then I found another on a similar theme:


I know it’s early days in this self love business and there will be ups and downs. But this is a great way to finish this year, and to start thinking about what I might want to achieve in 2017.




Boxing Day in my Backyard

It’s a lovely quiet Boxing Day (26 December) here in Wellington, New Zealand. I took the dog over the back into the reserve behind our house and couldn’t resist taking a few photos. It’s so green, so peaceful and quiet – and I am grateful.

Yesterday was a really nice Christmas Day spent with my husband’s family several hours from here. It was a family celebration – relaxed and easy. The past few days had been hard for me so I wasn’t sure how Christmas Day would go – given I often get a bit ‘peopled out’ before the day is over, but it was really nice. Pete, my husband’s dad is 89, and I want to make the most of it and enjoy Christmas with him and his family as long as we can.

So after spending yesterday with family, today is all about taking the time to chill and relax and just be. Not entirely sure what I’ll do. My husband will likely spend the day watching the One Day International (cricket) between New Zealand and Bangladesh on TV. [Cricket and Boxing Day go hand in hand here, it’s a bit of a tradition]

In the meantime here are a few photos from (just beyond) my backyard.


Will you love me just as I am?

Will you love me just as I am?

This works for me! I love the sense that ‘doing me’ is cool simply because it’s me being real, regardless of what others think.

Genius Unbound

As a people, we all tend to put more value on shiny things, than we do on what is actually hidden inside the “alabaster box”. As a society, its easy to lose our identity in things that we think we need, in order to be accepted by the people that put value on outside appearances and material possessions. One of the hardest pills to swallow is realizing that the love we are shown, isn’t real, if its based on the superficial. If you really want to know who loves you, lose it all.

Our true worth isn’t found in anything that can be touched with hands or seen with the eyes. The true value of a person can only be felt by the heart and understood by the intellect. The reason some people run into one heart break after another is because they are looking for the wrong thing. We all want the…

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