Tips for Survival #2


And following on from that –

“One day, you will wake up and there won’t be anymore time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”

  • Paulo Coelho

And if you still haven’t got it, listen to Buddha –


Life is short. Make the most of now.


Where the heart is


Home. This is Wellington, the city I call home. This photo was taken a few days ago at Petone Beach where I often take my dog. (She whines every time we drive past it!)

As a teenager I couldn’t wait to leave, and never would have thought that I would return to voluntarily call Wellington home. I have lived in a number of other towns and cities, as well as several other countries but this is the place I choose to call home.

I love the hills, the many beaches, the skyline, the bush and gardens and parks that seem to surround the city. I love how there are forest walks close by, walking tracks and cycle ways. I love the bird life here, and hearing native tuis sing -even in the heart of the city. I love the ‘feel’ this city has – a sense of authenticity, of being absolutely real; a place where you can be yourself; it’s not pretentious, and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is.



I love the colours of my city; the water, hills and the skies – and every day is different.


And some days are absolutely glorious!

Thought for the day: 28 Oct 2016


Hope. Such a little word but it can have SO great an impact.

Over the years I have struggled with depression and in the midst of my own downward spiral, I know this: ‘Hold on to hope’ – sometimes it seems almost impossible…   And when the going gets tough, there are two specific keys; two things I try to remember:

  1. “This too will pass” – the world I am seeing right now will not always be the way it currently seems. Things change – perhaps not as quickly as I’d like them to but as time passes, so my perspective can (and usually does) change.
  2. “Hold on to hope” – in times of relative calm, I know there are so many things I can hold on to, and there is so much I have to be grateful for. Not so in times of despair, so I try to remind myself simply:  HOLD. ON. TO. HOPE.

The stuff of life isn’t always easy. But it’s also in the stuff of life where we learn about ourselves – who we really are, what really matters to us, what we truly believe.

Sometimes, just to hope, is enough.

Don’t lose hope.


my small companion


I wanted to share with you my favourite photo of my small companion. She is fifteen this year (in people years that is!) and she’s a Jack Russell/Fox Terrier cross. She has a great personality and a really lovely nature. She enjoys pretty good health for an ‘old girl’ and loves to our walks together. Some days she has so much energy she runs around like a crazy thing while other days will find her traipsing along at a much more lady-like pace. She is always enthusiastic about exercise, and food, and walks, and food, and playing, going for walks, oh and food!

My husband has had her since she was only a few weeks old, the runt of the litter than no-one wanted, until he found her. My husband and I have been only been together for the past 5 years, and prior to that I had always thought of myself as a cat person. Now I’m both a crazy cat lady and a crazy dog lady!

She is a great companion and a true friend.

Here’s to my small companion.