Thought for the day: 7 March 2017


I shared this quote about this time last year and for me it’s a good reminder about strength of spirit, about character, regardless of what you believe about the source (or Source) of that strength.

I may not have the appearance of a warrior or a strong fortified castle but if the strength within me encourages me to keep going one more day, then it’s worth is priceless.

Thought for the day: 23 February 2017 – practicing peace.

I’ve spent the past few days practicing peace. What I mean by that is taking the time to acknowledge and connect to a calm, quiet, peaceful place inside myself, to be aware of the peace, and then to attempt to carry it with me during my day to day activities.

Like anything that hasn’t been a habit, I know these things take time and practice to become a natural response.  We automatically do what we’ve done in the past, so creating a new behaviour (like practicing peace) takes repetition and consistency. In times of stress or unease we are so quick revert back to responses that we’ve used before and so I think it might take me a while to get into the habit of doing this as a natural activity. But I’m excited with my progress. I am aware of times of peace, particularly at work, and have been trying to cultivate and stay in that place of peace regardless of what activities I’m performing at work.

Ok, so it’s only been a few days but so far, so good. Maybe it’s about mindfulness but I am certainly aware of having a sense of peace and being able to carry it with me for periods of time. That’s gotta be a bonus!

I’ve shared this saying in the past but feel as if I have to share it again because it sums up so beautifully what I’m aiming for. I have a belief in God and believe that it’s God’s peace that I’m carrying with me.

4 Peace

I wish you peace.

A tiny flicker

No blinding sunlight nor splendid midday sun;

Hardly a shining beacon; no lighthouse here.

No shaft of light from heaven to dispel the obscurity,

No radiant torch, no brilliant blaze or dazzling flare.

As sunlight dims and eventide approaches

Brightness fades to gentle dusk and shadows loom

And I am but a slight and flickering flame

Feeble, barely a glimmer on bleak horizon


And some days that has to be enough.


I take hope in this:

“A bruised reed He will not break and a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish.” Isaiah 42:3