Thought for the day: 29 August 2017

Few things are impossible...

I love this reminder that it’s the perseverance that counts – those small steps, the one foot in front of another; the feeling that what I’m doing is so small and appears to be so meaningless, so insignificant, when actually Perseverance says “Stand up, turn around and see where you have come from. Look at the distance travelled. See what you have already achieved.”

How encouraging!  I’m good at those small steps, and I believe I’m courageous – but I sometimes lose sight of the goal and forget to turn around and check out my progress. So when I do look – it’s a wonderful boost to my confidence and an encouragement to my soul. An encouragement to keep going. Keep going for just one more day – because today is all I have to be concerned about. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Keep going. Persevere for one more day.

Life will only change...


Thought for the day: 13 February 2017


A few days ago I took a wander around my garden and lamented how little time and effort I’d put into my garden in the past year. I cast a glance across the lavender plants and thought how I should really replace them – they’ve been in several seasons and have passed their best. They are somewhat overgrown  and need to cut back so the stems don’t become thick and woody.

Thankfully all the time and effort I spent several years ago preparing the soil and fertilising it, then planting and adding bark chips etc has meant we’ve been able to leave the garden to look after itself for the most part. It could do with a bit of a tidy up but considering the effort we are currently putting in (ie, almost nothing) the garden’s actually looking better than we probably deserve.

Later this afternoon I looked around and took the photo above – and while they’re not at their peak, I love the colours in this photo – the mix of pinks and blues and purples against the pale green almost grey looking stems and leaves, the unkemptness of the arrangement (or messiness perhaps) as well as the combination of colours and the tones – and I was glad I hadn’t pulled them out when I’d been thinking about ‘tidying up’ the garden.

Perhaps I’ll leave it until autumn…

So while I appreciate the sentiment in today’s saying, I’m not going to apply it to my garden. And if I take the time to stop and think about it, there are definitely other areas in my life that would benefit from this little speck of wisdom.

On that note, I’ll leave it with you.  Enjoy your day 🙂