Thought for the day: 6 January 2017


This girl doesn’t know any other way to do life!


Thought for the day: 5 January 2017

This is one of my favourite quotes which I put together and posted in January 2016. The photo was taken from a friend’s house (during a new year’s barbecue), and the bird is a native tui in mid-flight. It is a truly beautiful bird.

Today, I wish you peace.

4 Peace

Not a resolution, just a thought, a hope

The first day of a new year and at this point 2017’s secrets are unknown to me: hidden, obscured, masked, unseen and unidentified. I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing – it just is. Just as this time last year I had little idea what 2016 had in store, so today while I can’t see what’s ahead, I can attempt to ready myself for what is to come. I’ve been thinking about my focus, my goals – not so much the physical, financial or career achievements I may aim for but the heartfelt things, the character development: the hopes and desires, and the attitudes or attributes which might surround or enhance those things. [I’m not even sure if this makes sense to someone who’s not inside my head!]


I’m a visual person so I’ve created a picture of sorts, (perhaps more impression than  picture) words and colour and forms which express my current thoughts, hopes and focus for 2017. That’s not to say my focus won’t change, simply that as it stands, this is how things are today. Nothing hard and fast, not rules to live by or a resolution, just thoughts and hopes.