Thought for the day: 8 March 2017


I really love how empowering this quote is. It makes me smile. It says to me ‘It’s ok that you see life differently – you’re allowed. And if you take pleasure in the little things, the tiny specks of beauty that no-one else appreciates, that’s great!’ Which is how I feel about grasses and weeds – I love finding beauty in weeds, or a clump of grasses, or in a tiny flower growing up through a crack in the driveway, a shell I found on the beach or a feather. And I really enjoy living outside the stereotypical bounds that the world defines as¬†‘beauty’ – so I guess I’m embracing that part of myself that sees life (and beauty) a little differently. And I’m proud of that part of me!

One of my aims this year is to embrace self love – something I’ve really battled with in the past. In terms of how I see myself in regards to my perspective¬†on beauty – I think I’m doing OK!

Thought for the day: 7 March 2017


I shared this quote about this time last year and for me it’s a good reminder about strength of spirit, about character, regardless of what you believe about the source (or Source) of that strength.

I may not have the appearance of a warrior or a strong fortified castle but if the strength within me encourages me to keep going one more day, then it’s worth is priceless.