Because I’m exploring some of my own personal issues and have made a conscious effort to be honest, I’m keeping my identity to myself. Suffice to say I live in New Zealand, a land of hills and mountains, forest and sea. There is a reserve behind my house which is filled with trees which are home to a number of native birds: tui, wood pidgeons, fantails and waxeyes, all of which I love. I love the flora and fauna in New Zealand.

I have chosen this medium to explore some of my own issues and beliefs, and I am finding that I am learning about myself as I write. And I want to use this medium to remind myself about what’s important to me – character and values: being authentic, kindness, compassion, integrity, honesty; who I am; how I see myself; what I believe – and then continue to explore some of those things further.

In the time I’ve been blogging, I’ve realised that there are a great deal of good quotes out there in the world.  I want to be reminded about the stuff that really matters so I’m trying to hold on to sayings that work for me. I’ve also discovered that I love taking photos and playing with light, shape and form, colour, tone etc. So I started finding great sayings and making them mine by putting other people’s words with my photos. Currently about 96% of the quotes I use on my blog are from photos I have taken myself. I’m still learning and experimenting but I’m really proud of some of the shots I’ve taken. I’ve always loved art and I paint (from time to time) so photography and playing with photos is another form of creativity – and I’m finding it really satisfying.

So this blog is a mixture of my thoughts, writing, a few poems and my photography. I am lucky to live in a beautiful part of a beautiful country so hopefully you’ll get a sense of New Zealand from my blog. The principle reason I write is to explore my own issues and to remind myself of what’s really important to me. If I can help inspire or encourage others along the way, that’s a bonus. Feel free to come along for the ride!


9 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks so much – I only rewrote it a few days ago so it’s great to get that feedback.
      I’m always happy to listen if you ever want to vent/share. I figure we’re all on a journey so we might as well walk together some of the way and learn from each other’s experiences. I have been so encouraged by other bloggers so if I can encourage someone else I’d love that 😊😊

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