Thought for the day: 26 December 2017

We are captives of our own identities 2

I wonder how often this is true of me. How often do I live in a prison of my own creation. If that was true of last week, then today I have been set free! I confronted some expectations and found that they were simply that – my expectatons, rather than reality. And the reality I found was better than I had expected. My hidden hopes were exceeded.

For this, and many other blessings, I am truly grateful.

5 thoughts on “Thought for the day: 26 December 2017

    1. Well, to begin with, I so seldom come in contact with those who acknowledge looking into themselves for flaws or activities that have been advantageous! Congratulations are in order. It is one attitude that our Lord would have us practice daily. There is a quotation that says, one who looks into another’s heart is, intellegent, but he who looks into his own heart is wise beyond knowing.

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        1. Actually I enjoyed this tremendously, until I unleashed the word intelligent and without even checking, sent it off to you. Wouldn’t you think the mistake could have landed anywhere else besides on the word intelligent? I really wasn’t trying to be smart, but now I have another comment for you, actually an old Chinese proverb “He who pats self on back gets crick in shoulder.” Uh-oh! By the way, thanks for the follow on An Author’s Muse. I wanted to let you know that it is two themes that are connected. The primary theme is Upward Bound and will be basically for publication of poetry. The second theme is An Author’s Muse. Right now I have two URLs but hope to get permission to use just one. I’ll let you know how that turns out. It actually doesn’t make any difference even now because the two are connected like a swinging door. There is a little arrow at the top left that instructs ‘switch’ It is like having a front room and a back room. (And you don’t even have to close the door.) I designed a picture for the poem and didn’t get it posted until Christmas about 6:30 If you get to see it be sure to click so it will spread across the entire screen and the poem is both under and over. In my “intelligence” I have no idea how I managed that.

          Hope you had a great Christmas and that I’ll see you again soon. Regards, Marie

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