Wisdom to Live By: Part 1 – Peace


This is simply a reminder to myself; a desire to keep this in the forefront of my mind.

I love this photo – taken in my garden, altered in such a way that both the colours and the words and the simplicity of both resonate in some place deep within me, resulting in joy.

2 thoughts on “Wisdom to Live By: Part 1 – Peace

  1. I feel like often we allow things into our lives that don’t promote peace, but rather chaos. We allow certain dramas into our lives that we know from the get-go are going to cause troubles, but we do it anyway for whatever reason. We need to sow more peace in our lives rather than discord. There’s the perfect verse about that in the New Testament….I can see right where it’s at in my Bible all underlined and highlighted, but I can’t think of the reference!

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