Thought for the day: 17 August 2017

Life is not fair; get used to it


9 thoughts on “Thought for the day: 17 August 2017

    1. It’s a tough saying. It’s blunt and right to the point without much care for the feelings or emotions of the person it’s said to. But, it is true. Life isn’t always fair and we can’t wallow in the unfairness of life or we’ll drown. That being said, props for just flat out disagreeing with the saying. Not many people, I feel like, will straight up disagree. Rather just not like or comment on the post.

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      1. I beg to differ. A part from experiences no one has control over, this slogan is embedded in the subconscious as a justifiable reason for others to treat people unfairly and is therefore, used as a scapegoat. Someone did it to them, so they do it to others and justify their behavior to avoid responsibility, because “life isn’t fair” or, “sometimes bad things happen to good people.” I call bs! Natural life occurances are already challenging enough. Not accepting slogans such as these and treating people with love can make a world of difference.

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        1. I’m not excusing people treating other people unfairly one iota. I agree, that’s unacceptable. It’s never okay to treat someone else wrongly and think it’s okay because “life’s unfair”. Things that people don’t have control over….that’s what can be unfair and you can’t always fix that. Apologies for not clarifying!

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  1. Fair comment. It’s hardly kind or compassionate but I thought it gave some balance to some of the other quotes I’ve used here. Your comment has caused me to think about it further and I appreciate that, and thank you for sharing that perspective.

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