Thought for the day: 27 March 2017



6 thoughts on “Thought for the day: 27 March 2017

      1. Thanks for your comment. I assume you refer to my quotation regarding what and how I write. I never write pornographic material even if there is an illusion to it in an article or poem. I’m not in any way telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t do only how I view my own work. There is a reason for that…we are told that as a person is in his heart, he/she will eventually become that person. If you continually read it think it, say it then it is likely that any person would be succumb to the same nature. I think you are on a good track. Writing of what is important to you will give your writing a sense of reality. The fact of having aspirations for who and what you want to be, couldn’t be better. You might find articles (some are even on the web) on such subjects and do one of several things: 1) rewrite it to become familiar with yourself…what did I think about as I read that; 2)write with a different perspective; if you’re struggling about What to write sign up for daily prompts on the web. Some weekly dares there they give you a subject to write a story about. Believe me that will keep you busy. I’ve no idea if I am on the right track for what it is you struggle about, but there is one huge truth here, and that is to write. If you want to write you must continually write, every day. Motivate yourself by YOUR personal desire and soon you’ll know not only more about yourself, but about what you want to write. I hope this helps in some way>

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