Thought for the day: 16 March 2017


Some of you may remember my post a few months back about being a sunbeam – or wanting to be a sunbeam (when I was a small child). I’m going to go back to the sunbeam theme for today. I like this quote and the photo of a neighbour’s honeysuckle, taken about a fortnight ago. The honeysuckle was pretty amazing – it’s a huge bush and covered the majority of the fence which lines theΒ front of his property – so this bush is fairly massive!

The honeysuckle flowers always look sort of ‘happy’ to me – maybe it’s their colours and their scent, I don’t really know, but whatever, it makes me smile. And that’s my aim for today – to metaphorically be a sunbeam, to smile my sunbeam smile and hopefully to encourage others around me to smile too.

Wishing you joy, and smiles, friendship and the absence of shadows.

7 thoughts on “Thought for the day: 16 March 2017

  1. We have one of those, no matter how hard we prune it, it keeps flowering all through Spring, Summer and Autumn, the birds and bees love it too 😊
    Your sunbeam theme reminds of when our very young daughter went through her evangelical phase: whenever we went out in our old Morris Minor, she would be sitting on the back seat bathed in sunlight with a beatific smile on her face singing ‘Jesus wants me for a sunbeam!’ Which she had learned at nursery πŸ˜„

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    1. That song was the inspiration for my initial post regarding sunbeams – as a 3 & 4 year old I used to sing that and it’s left its (positive) impression on me.
      Glad that was a happy memory for you and so glad you shared that – thanks 😊

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