Thought for the day: 4 March 2017


It’s so easy to get caught up in our own desires. I want this or that. It might be clothing or shoes, a handbag or jewelry, a car or an apartment, some cool furniture, electronics, equipment or the latest game…. it could be anything. And then once we have it, it doesn’t take too long until we start focussing on the next desire. That’s just how life is isn’t it?

Life doesn’t have to be about gaining stuff, about fulfilling our retail desires, about continually wanting more. There’s a lot to be said for saying ‘Enough!” to the incessant craving for more, and I’ve discovered it can be relatively easy. Maybe it’s about focussing on what’s really important to us on a core level and reprioritising what really matters to us. With that in mind, it’s helpful to take note of what we already have and acknowledge what we have that we can be grateful for. Once we’ve recognised the value of the good things we already have (spouse, family, friends, health, job, home etc) – it’s easier to step back and view life a little differently and reassess what we really want. And for me, some of the things I had thought that I wanted, I realised weren’t really that important – and it’s helped me have a better awareness of what I already have, and what I hope for. And it’s not so much about ‘stuff’.

Sometimes I think looking at life from a different perspective can be like a breath of fresh air. Having an awareness of what’s important to us, and developing a sense of gratitude for what we already have, is a great place to be. It’s also a much healthier place (in my opinion) than merely focussing on what we want.

If I focus on gratitude, sometimes I find that that joy comes along for the ride. And what a bonus that is!   🙂


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