Thought for the day: 2 March 2017


Before you can fully share your story, you first need to own ‘your story’.  To be able to say “this is my life and these are some of the events that have made me who I am today” means really owning your life story: connecting with the emotions involved, accepting that those feelings are part of your story, and acknowledging your past (and/or current) -and that can be not just difficult, but sometimes brutal. But there can be such an incredible freedom that comes with letting it out, sharing it with someone else, acknowledging the way it was and how you felt. And following that freedom can be a wonderful sense of release or relief, an unburdening.  When I first shared part of my story with a friend, I found not only the release of tears and bottled up words, but the release of the associated emotions too – it was like a small amount of air had been trapped inside a little bottle for a long, long time and it then suddenly escaped and was given freedom. And that’s similar to the freedom and release I felt. It truly felt like an unburdening of my soul – because it was! And after I spoke about it for the first time, released the words and emotions, I felt lighter somehow, almost cleaner for having gotten this terrible thing, this terrible secret off my chest.

The next step was learning to love myself through the healing process -and yes, there are days I still struggle with that but I can see enormous progress – and for that I am SO grateful.

So my encouragement to you is to share that secret hurt or pain that you may have been holding onto. Whether you share it with a partner or a friend, with God or your pet, the effort you make to get it out into the light will be bring a sense of freedom. A secret, once  shared and acknowledged, loses it’s power over you. I think that’s part of the sense of relief afterwards – you don’t have to carry this ‘ugly thing’ anymore. And once the truth has been spoken, then you can start to begin the healing process and learn to fully love that part of you.

I know I’m still a work in progress – and that healing and self love are ongoing but if I can encourage you to try, I know you will find that that it’s worth the effort.

I wish you healing and self-love.



7 thoughts on “Thought for the day: 2 March 2017

    1. I feel honoured that you chose the share this with me and I feel sad that you feel to have to carry it alone. Would you consider a one-off session with a counsellor, or talking to a telephone counsellor (Lifeline, youth line or Samaritans or similar)? That way you could share your burden with someone you need never meet or phone again but at least you could begin to heal by expressing what hasn’t had the opportunity to be expressed until now. Just a thought in case that works for you. I’d be happy to listen if you ever decided you wanted to vent via email. I’ve done things I’m not proud of so have no desire to judge others lest I be judged. Alternatively you could write it all down on paper as a letter or diary entry and then later burn it

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      1. Thank you so much for your reply and for your care and concern. I’ve actually done some of what you’ve suggested above. I had some counselling last year and although this has now finished I’m finding a degree of comfort in writing, though it’s largely cryptic. I like the idea of writing and burning, kind of like purging. This is something big that I have to carry and deal with, not sure why it’s happened and I often question it but it’s part of my journey. Thanks again for being there and just caring. Sometimes even random conversations like this help. x

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    2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to send. If you choose not to share your secret, please know that that is your choice and I’m sure you will do what seems right to you. Please let me know if I can help. I wish you peace Miriam x

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