Thought for the day: perfection


Ok, I screwed up. I take full responsibility. I made some unwise decisions. I went out with a group of girlfriends and let myself get drunk, and not just drunk – I got totally written off. “One step away from being legless” I was told. I’m supposed to be an adult, old enough to know better, etc, etc.  I woke the next morning feeling embarrassed and ashamed. This explains yesterday’s poem ‘Legless’.

Hindsight is a wonderful teacher. I’ve felt my own emotional pain. I’ve acknowledged my error. So in order to move on from here, I need to forgive myself and then shut the door to that memory – not revisit it every five minutes or every half hour. I need to close the door and walk away and leave it there. That doesn’t mean I forget, but simply that choose not to revisit the memory and the associated negative feelings. To forgive myself and move on.

This morning I found this quote. It sums up how I want to feel. I’m not there yet but I’m working towards it. I’d like to be a friend, to comfort, care and maybe even inspire others – so this quote is for me. It’s fits me, right here where I stand today.

And I will move on. And I will close that door and walk away. And I will hope that my behaviour, how I deal with my imperfections can still be an inspiration to others.

Feeling humble, honest and imperfect.

7 thoughts on “Thought for the day: perfection

  1. You are not alone, the thing is you can learn from it (as i did) acknowledge it, and move on. Or you can kick yourself mercilessly feel wretched so eventually you think well I may as well do what is now expected… roll out a repeate performance. Well done acknowledged moved on and now you know your not perfect but you know what you are perfectly imperfect. Who is perfect? Oh I see the boring miserable self absorbed narcissist that you don’t want to be. 😇😉 have a good weekend.

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  2. Thank you. I cried when I first read your response – you got it in one – and you’re right -about wanting to kick myself mercilessly and the boring, miserable self-absorbed narcissist – I don’t want to be that but it’s what I’ve done in the past and have a natural tendency to do.
    And thank you again. I had been feeling alone although I hadn’t identified that ‘aloneness’ until I read your message – that’s exactly how I felt. Alone in my humiliation – but that’s a lie -because there are those who understand and will stand with me if I let them.
    Time for a change. Time to move on with life. Thank you so much for commenting.


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