Thought for today: 31 January 2017


How we act, what we say, how we behave, it all has an impact on our character and integrity – even if no-one is watching. Our behaviours enhance attributes already inherent in our character – whether good or bad (and regardless of whether we can identify them or not).

In addition to what characteristics we are developing, our actions have an impact on others that we might never be aware of. I can think of people whose actions and behaviours have had some influence in my life but they will never be aware of their impact. Some of these people I have never met – but I’ve seen them from afar, heard them speak or read their words, or seen their artwork, or been impacted by their behaviours towards my friends or family. And I believe the same is true of us. There are people whose lives we may touch (for better or worse) that we might never be aware of – not just the people we meet and interact with, but those who might be on the periphery of our lives. A bus driver, the person who pours your coffee, a cleaner, a neighbour, the guy you buy your newspaper from… The person for whom my smile or my kind words might have an extraordinary impact – of which I’ll never be aware.

So my reminder for today is this: regardless of the situation, when no-one is watching, and when the world is watching – act as if what you do makes a difference. Because it does.

Whose world can I have a positive impact on today?


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