Today’s wisdom: forgiving yourself


I think I’ve always been good at rehashing my mistakes in my memory. That way you can play and replay your faults, mistakes and perceived imperfections over and over – just in case you might forget them.

Well I’ve stopped! Now, when I become aware that I’m reliving my past faults in my head, I stop and take a moment. I forgive myself and choose to not think about it. I’m trying to replace that thought with a positive one. In so doing I’m attempting to forgive myself and move on. I’m hoping that the more often I practice this, the easier it will become a habit.

It may be a simple practice I’ve outlined but it ensures that I don’t dwell on negative experiences from the past and take steps in line with my desire to establish positive self care.

I’ve given the past too much power for far too long. Time for change. Time for small steps in the right direction.


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