Thought for the day: 21 January 2017


I’ve decided that this saying sums up how I’m feeling about life at present. I am extremely grateful that I can say that, given how I found most of December particularly difficult in terms of self esteem, confidence and self care. The counselling sessions I had have helped open my eyes to some of those negative beliefs about myself and how I can change them. That I was able to say no to the negative voices on Christmas morning and I chose to focus on the positive and the now – was greatly encouraging. And that was a good step to take.

I’m more aware of my feelings – how they come and go – and I’m trying to not give them too much airtime in the present – but to assess them later when their intensity has waned and I’m capable of being a little more objective.

I’m also aware that I’m me – and not everyone will like the me that I portray – and that’s ok. If I were a piece of fruit I’d be a nectarine (which I love). And not everyone likes nectarines – and that’s ok because we are all allowed to like or dislike whatever we choose – it’s what makes us human, individuals, unique – and I’m really comfortable with that.

I guess the past few months (year maybe) has taught me about: a) being myself – and the freedom and authenticity that comes with that; b) allowing others to be whoever they are – their lives, their choices; c) learning to like, love, and care for myself; d) choosing to care less about what others think; e) learning to enjoy & appreciate my true self.

I’m a work in progress, but I’m excited about the progress I’ve made in the past few months. So for the time being, I want to re-iterate. This is my motto:

“Be yourself. People don’t have to like you, and you don’t have to care.”

And that really works for me right now 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thought for the day: 21 January 2017

  1. So much wisdom here! I am grateful to read this. I have also replaced the word “like” with “respect”. I try to respect all human beings even if they don’t respect me. Love this post!

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  2. Thank you, so grateful for the feedback. You’re right about respect – I don’t have to like everyone but I could afford them respect regardless of how I feel. Thanks for the additional perspective 🙂


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