Thought for the day: 19 January 2017


I like this quote because I think it’s both true and it’s important. But I love the photo because I took it yesterday and it is so ‘real’ (so authentic) in terms of wandering about the reserve behind our house after the rain. It was my impression of ‘how life is right now’.

What works as ‘real’ for me may be totally different to what you see as ‘real’ and that’s ok because we are different and we have different perceptions of appreciating what works for us at any given point in time. I love colour and tone and form and depth of saturation and clarity and all those things one associates with photographic challenges (and I appreciate them in painted form also), but most important, I know what works for me – and this photo works for me  – because of the lushness of the green grass, as opposed to the grayness of the leaf. Then there’s the clarity of the rain drops on the leaf. And the depth of the colours.  So it’s a combination of things that work for me about this photo. And I took it, and I’m proud of it.

I’m one of those people who appreciates the little things… I would go so far as to say that sometimes I overlook the big things because I’m still caught up in the beauty of the little things. And I’m ok with that. Someone needs to appreciate and stand in awe of the little things – and I do. Even though sometimes it’s not cool – I know that the One who created the miniature things appreciates them just as I do. And sometimes it’s something we share that perhaps few others do. The tiniest of plant life. A tiny fern. Any form of biology in  miniature is incredibly special. And I feel grateful that I see the beauty when others might not. While that might make me odd – odd is ok if it means that I share some special appreciation with my Creator. And if we share only this intimacy, that’s pretty special in itself. But I believe we share more than just this. And that’s even more special. And for whatever this connection is (that I don’t understand but I am so thankful for) –  I am incredibly grateful.


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