Thought for the day: 30 December 2016


In keeping with my current theme of self love and self care, I love the way this quote gives me permission to see myself as a masterpiece (or possibly A Masterpiece) – a wonderfully unique, brilliant, astonishing, breath-takingly beautiful ME…  and at the same time be free to take chances, make mistakes, choose an alternative colour or tone or attitude or feeling…

In the past few days I have been wearing some of my husband’s Hawaiian/Polynesian shirts. They are a number of sizes too big but I love the patterns and colours so I’ve been wearing them… proudly! It’s about letting me be me… And if no-one else understands, then it really is me being me – and I’m good with that! So far, so good. We are coming up to a new year – always an introspective time for me. I try to think through what I’ve achieved (rather than failed at), and what I’d like to achieve in the new year…. maybe…   Let’s see where this goes…

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