This works for me! I love the sense that ‘doing me’ is cool simply because it’s me being real, regardless of what others think.

Genius Unbound

As a people, we all tend to put more value on shiny things, than we do on what is actually hidden inside the “alabaster box”. As a society, its easy to lose our identity in things that we think we need, in order to be accepted by the people that put value on outside appearances and material possessions. One of the hardest pills to swallow is realizing that the love we are shown, isn’t real, if its based on the superficial. If you really want to know who loves you, lose it all.

Our true worth isn’t found in anything that can be touched with hands or seen with the eyes. The true value of a person can only be felt by the heart and understood by the intellect. The reason some people run into one heart break after another is because they are looking for the wrong thing. We all want the…

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