Thought for the day: 6 December 2016

In the past few years I’ve started painting again. I’m now in my 50’s and was a teenager when I last painted consistently. Several years ago I started walking regularly – it had been the best part of twenty years since I’d done any significant and consistent exercise. A year ago I took up blogging, knowing almost nothing about blogs or the blogging community. In January 2016 I began taking photos with a vengeance. All of these things have brought me so much more joy than I ever anticipated. Β There have been failures and successes and I have learnt so much about each of these things simply by doing them; by doing consistently; by learning the process and by experimenting; and by keeping my expectations low. The learning in itself has brought a degree of joy but the greatest pleasures have been the successes, the things I was (am) proud of.

So one of the lessons I’ve learned is about taking pleasure in the ‘journey’ not just the ‘destination.’ One of the other lessons would have to be the “just do it” approach – don’t over think or over plan – just pick up a pencil (or a paintbrush or a camera) or put on a pair of walking shoes and go. Do something, regardless of what it is – take some form of action, no matter how small the step.

I found this quote yesterday and it speaks to me – of what I have already achieved in the past few years that I didn’t really expect to, and the unexpected pleasure each of these things has brought. Not only that, I find it encourages me to keep trying, to keep looking for new ways to express myself, to keep creating. Because after all, I’m no expert!



13 thoughts on “Thought for the day: 6 December 2016

  1. Yes, I so agree! I spent so many years afraid to do anything remotely arty because my children were so good at it; I wanted to write but didn’t dare let anyone see my poems; I also thought I wouldn’t have a clue about technology but taught myself how to use a computer and went on to be active in forums, take a degree, make a photo/music dvd for my mum’s 80th birthday, write a book about our familty history which I researched and wrote solely on the laptop, and now I’m everywhere on social media and writing a blog without ever having a clue how to begin. My husband’s job was in computers and now he comes to me to show him how to solve a problem or use social media/skype etc. Who knew?! Well done you, too! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»


      1. I’m sure you have many more accomplishments that I don’t have and I think I may have a few years on you too 😊 I forgot to add alongside the bit about not daring to do anything arty that I now make our greetings cards. As you said, it’s never too late to try something new. πŸ‘πŸ»

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