I want to talk about graciousness. The above quote from Charles Dickens is an illustration to me of graciousness. To be gracious is a characteristic I admire and appreciate in others but one that is so undervalued by the current ‘me’ generation.

It’s also a word that is not well understood. So what does it mean:


I love the way graciousness is linked to other virtues I also value: kindness, patience, mercy. To be gracious is to be kind and courteous, accepting, showing sympathy, having a generosity of spirit and a helpful nature; the ability to put another’s desire before your own. It is opposed to pride and the need for recognition. A gracious person can hold their tongue, not express their opinion, and doesn’t need to justify their words or actions.



It’s not a characteristic which I believe I’ve mastered but it is certainly a characteristic I admire, appreciate and am aiming for. I leave you with the following which are are further examples of my take on graciousness:



11 thoughts on “Graciousness

  1. I have known a number of gracious people, and if I may, I would like to add to your definition what may seem implicit: filled with grace and graceful toward others. The people whom I have known like this were completely genuine in their concern for others. I remember one welcoming a homeless man who came through the door at church with warm concern, generosity, and compassion in the same manner than she cared for her friends. Like you, I, too, aspire to this but it only sometimes lives within me. Thank you for this wise post! Jo

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    1. I appreciate your comments. I agree – being gracious and having a genuine concern for others – what a great example. On re-reading my post I feel like I should have added compassionate to the definition. I guess I see graciousness and compassion as linked. I wonder if graciousness is the out working of compassion. I might think on that some more. I enjoyed your comments – so thanks 😊

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  2. Hey my friend, what a wonderful topic for a post. My guess is that there are only a few who master graciousness prior to the age of say, 70. The rest of us are simply working towards that point if we choose to do so. Personally, I too consider this a worthy attribute. May I one day be worthy of the various definitions. 🙂

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    1. May we both be worthy of them one day. In the meantime you are an example of perseverance and I admire that in you. Actually I admire a number of qualities in you but that’s for another day… Take care my friend. [Hugs] 🙂

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