Where the heart is


Home. This is Wellington, the city I call home. This photo was taken a few days ago at Petone Beach where I often take my dog. (She whines every time we drive past it!)

As a teenager I couldn’t wait to leave, and never would have thought that I would return to voluntarily call Wellington home. I have lived in a number of other towns and cities, as well as several other countries but this is the place I choose to call home.

I love the hills, the many beaches, the skyline, the bush and gardens and parks that seem to surround the city. I love how there are forest walks close by, walking tracks and cycle ways. I love the bird life here, and hearing native tuis sing -even in the heart of the city. I love the ‘feel’ this city has – a sense of authenticity, of being absolutely real; a place where you can be yourself; it’s not pretentious, and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is.



I love the colours of my city; the water, hills and the skies – and every day is different.


And some days are absolutely glorious!


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