Thought for the day: 28 Oct 2016


Hope. Such a little word but it can have SO great an impact.

Over the years I have struggled with depression and in the midst of my own downward spiral, I know this: ‘Hold on to hope’ – sometimes it seems almost impossible…   And when the going gets tough, there are two specific keys; two things I try to remember:

  1. “This too will pass” – the world I am seeing right now will not always be the way it currently seems. Things change – perhaps not as quickly as I’d like them to but as time passes, so my perspective can (and usually does) change.
  2. “Hold on to hope” – in times of relative calm, I know there are so many things I can hold on to, and there is so much I have to be grateful for. Not so in times of despair, so I try to remind myself simply:  HOLD. ON. TO. HOPE.

The stuff of life isn’t always easy. But it’s also in the stuff of life where we learn about ourselves – who we really are, what really matters to us, what we truly believe.

Sometimes, just to hope, is enough.

Don’t lose hope.



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