I am thankful


Some days I’m blown away by how much I have to be grateful for.

I am grateful for my life. With all it’s ups and downs, good times and bad, times of plenty and times with little, I have enjoyed so much variety. I have lived in a number of different countries and enjoyed a wide variety of roles (both paid and unpaid). I have seen a good chunk of the world; met a wonderful cross section of people; had some incredible experiences.

After many years of being single, at 47 I met and married the man of my dreams – a strong man, practical and capable; a man who knows his own mind, who has a strong moral code and an unquestionable sense of right and wrong; a man who had surprisingly little baggage for someone his age, who swears a lot and doesn’t care what you think about his language or behaviour; a man who has an absolute heart of gold! He’s teaching me not to care about what other people think, and that he loves me no matter what. I feel cherished by a lover for the first time I can remember. And safe – that surprised me early on – I felt so comfortable in his presence and that I could say anything (really, ANYTHING) and it would be ok. He accepts me as I am, and is not judgmental. And here we are almost 5 years on and he is my best friend, he does as much housework as I do (maybe more), he cooks more than I do, and even better, and he makes me laugh 🙂

I am grateful for my job, in fact for the variety of jobs I’ve had over the years. At the moment my job is great – more physical than I’m used to, but I’m enjoying that too. And I have The Best boss – who I seldom see but we chat or text regularly and she lets me get on with my job without micro-managing me.

I have a house that is lovely – needs work here and there but we’ll get to that when we can afford to… in the meantime we are surrounded by several lovely gardens (which we planted) and some well established trees. We have a reserve behind us and often see native birds in our backyard and around the neighbourhood: tuis and wood pidgeons, fantails, waxeyes and yellowhammers amongst others. We have native bush walks nearby and a national forest on our (almost) doorstep.

I am blessed to enjoy my health, and love walking, and we have an enthusiastic, elderly fox terrier/Jack Russell cross who adores being taken for walks and will happily outwalk me any time she can!

I have friends and family, special people with whom I have shared special life experiences and some of whom I feel really ‘get’ me – and for that I am SO very grateful.

I am happy and healthy. I am aware that I have SO much to be grateful for – and the above are just a few of the things that today I wish to acknowledge my gratitude for.




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