Something to think about


It’s a quote I found pinned to the wall above a colleague’s desk at work. Being a government department it’s somewhat tortoise-like: ancient and slow moving, stable, structured, and old school. It has staff that have been there for many years. It’s like an old castle that has been part of the skyline for generations. It’s seen little change and is somewhat dilapidated inside – so it looks good, especially from a distance but up close you can see the significant issues that require repair.  Actually, it’s not nearly that bad but you get my point – it’s not a place that welcomes change, so drama is totally unwelcome. And I’m ok with that – I don’t exactly welcome drama either (although I do like change).

Drama is what other people have in their lives. I prefer the stability of relatively calm waters if possible. Fewer storms, fewer squalls, less disruption.

I have a number of friends and colleagues who seem to live in the squalls of life: there’s always activity, seemingly constant turmoil and endless drama. Almost as if they go from one dramatic event to the next, and the next and so on. Like a never ending action movie – even exciting becomes dull when that’s all there is.


So are they drama magnets? Or do they set themselves up as ‘fixers’ for other people’s and/or their own problems? Is it a victim mentality or the need for power, or the need to be saved, or to be a savior, or is it simply the excitement of being a high octane drama junkie?

Someone I know springs to mind for whom things are always fabulous or terrible and there is seldom anything in between. No normal. No day-to-day. No plain old run of the mill good or bad. And the thing I’d find impossible to cope with – no down time.

Maybe it’s the introvert in me that needs time out; time to simply recharge. There are times when I’m a solitude-seeker; comfortable with this need for my own space, my own time; peaceful places, quiet spaces and rest. I know what I’d rather focus on, and it’s not other people’s drama.

A few further thoughts:






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