Learning to Listen

Sometimes I just don’t know what you are thinking or feeling. Are you tired or sore? Does your back ache? Are you angry or annoyed – with someone else or me or maybe even you?   I have a tendency to wonder what I’ve done to cause this

But maybe I didn’t 

I’d like to be your confidante, to offer comfort and support. It’s hard when I don’t know what the issue is … or how to ask. Sometimes I ask and you respond with annoyance and it’s as if you are pushing me away – and I don’t know why  …and maybe you don’t either

I don’t always listen patiently

I want concise, cut to the chase, forget the details, focus on the core issues… but when I talk I seldom express my feelings concisely. I don’t always know what the facts are until I’ve spoken them out loud. My thoughts are a rough sketch, faint and barely perceptible and yet that’s not what I ask from you. I ask for a pen and ink drawing – a finished piece when all I can give is a faded outline, a soft impression rather than a photographic record.

Maybe I need to learn to listen


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