Connectedness: 13 Oct 2016


What am I here for? What is my purpose? What’s my unique reason to keep going? Perhaps more importantly, what makes my soul sing? What feels good? What feels great? What gives me an overwhelming sense of satisfaction?

Big questions but several things spring to mind that have worked in the past: painting (when I finish a painting I really like); completing a blog that I’ve worked hard on that feels like it expresses what I really want to say; the recognition and/or appreciation that sometimes results from one of my blogs; that sense of helping another – assisting someone in life’s journey – maybe making their road a tiny bit easier…

Then I found it, the thing that regenerates my thirsty (sometimes battered) soul: a sense of connectedness. I know from a blogging perspective, a lot of my blogs talk about connectedness. It’s like I’ve said it so often but I keep forgetting how true it is. For me, connectedness with another can make life feel so worthwhile. Sometimes it’s just a casual chat with a colleague I barely know and we realise we have stuff in common and have a brief encounter about something personal, a shared experience that’s had an impact on both of us. Discussing something that matters to me and realising that connection with another – that can (and one day last week did,) make all the difference to my world.

‘When you’re feeling lost, the simple act of connecting with a like-minded soul can make all the difference.”

It may not be The Answer to why I’m here – but perhaps it’s a small treasure I have collected along the way.



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