My Backyard: March 2016

IMG_1662 (2)

It would normally be considerably cooler this time of year but we are enjoying what remains of the last of the summer weather. It has begun to get cooler and darker in the early mornings and certainly darker earlier in the evenings and noticeably cooler too: an extra blanket on the bed; taking a jacket with me to work; making sure I walk before it gets to dusk and light fades. But we are still enjoying warm days, and for what it’s worth, it’s been a great summer here in Wellington, New Zealand.

I want to share some pictures I’ve taken in the past 24 hours because they are a reflection of my experience ofΒ how March has been this year (so far!). I know the good weather won’t last so I want to make sure I record it when I can. I tend to take photos of the same shots over and over – so if you’ve seen some of my previous photos – this is same area which I love – and it’s what I think of as ‘My Backyard’. Enjoy!


15 thoughts on “My Backyard: March 2016

    1. Yes we get a lot of snow but not in Wellington – it’s too windy here. We have snow covered mountains which are really beautiful. If I get to see them anytime soon I’ll take photos. Wellington is pretty much surrounded by sea and I’d like to take photos from different parts of the city & at different beaches one day. It’s a beautiful place and I just want to share it with my fellow bloggers because I know how lucky I am! I guess you’re looking forward to spring. I’m thinking about what spring bulbs I should be planting at Easter. I hope you enjoy your coming spring πŸ™‚

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