I’ve been thinking about being adaptable, being open and willing to change. As we age, we often become less inclined to change and grow and adapt. As someone who has spent the majority of the past 4 weeks job hunting, I am very aware of the need for me to be adaptable. Not just that, but to be seen to be willing to change – to have an attitude which embraces growth and change rather than simply being a reluctant participant in the process. And that’s been a good reminder about the importance of my attitude when it comes to embracing the new, the unknown, the uncomfortable. And life’s like that – it keeps changing (regardless of how we feel about the change) – it’s a bit like waves on the beach. I may not enjoy standing in the midst of them because they are cold and their constant movement and undercurrents can be unsettling. But regardless of how I feel, the waves are going to keep rolling in! Might as well get used to it – or get out of the water!

And because life keeps changing and moving, just as I get a little more used to the twists and turns – a curve ball comes along and knocks me off my feet. And I can either get back up and get back in the water or I can walk away and leave the beach.

My fixed term contract is almost at an end and I am very aware of the need to be earning money and contributing towards my mortgage. As such, I’m also very aware that yet another change is coming my way and while I can’t see too far ahead, I can make sure my attitude is appropriate and I am in the right frame of mind to deal with whatever comes my way. In preparation I have been doing lots of 1) hunting for jobs, and 2) exercise. It’s been a good summer to be out walking and I really feel like I’ve made the most of this summer and done significantly more exercise than in the past few years. This means I’m feeling more fit and enjoying being active, but the main bonus is the impact that it has had on my mental health, and my ability to face challenges and frustrations. So I feel like I’m preparing as best I can.

And I’m mentally preparing for the next challenge and how I will not just adapt but I’m hoping I will embrace the new, the unknown, the next step.

I leave you with the words of Charles Darwin:


7 thoughts on “Adaptable

  1. hope you find the right position. i know from personal experience that the older you get, the more reluctant employers are to trust in out willingness and ability to adapt and change. i think for the most part that attitude is BS, but unfortunately it’s what we have to deal with looking for jobs. moy hope for you is that you will find that job that allows for change and growth and trusts you to adapt to the work they need, and you will love.

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