My Places of Peace (version 2)

I have spent some time walking and taking photos over the past 2 weeks.  I’ve also started playing around with my photos and I realise that on some level, most of my photos are about peace: places of peace and generally peaceful scenes.  In this photo essay I want to introduce you to some more of ‘My Places of Peace’ (version 2) – all taken within a 15 minute walk from my home and all taken in 2016. I have enjoyed the walking but loved appreciating the beauty around me and I want to share some this beauty (and peace) with you…


40 thoughts on “My Places of Peace (version 2)

    1. I really am grateful to live in a beautiful part of the country – and all walking distance. How come it’s taken me so long to start taking photos – and to start sharing them? Glad you also found that sense of peace and serenity. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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  1. Where we live is stunningly beautiful too, but the difference is my photograph’s look like my ten month old granddaughter took them! Very serene and peaceful and just the type of places where I’d like to walk.

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  2. Some nice looking country there. It looks like New Zealand is a lot like Canada in that there is peace to be found in the woods only a short walk or drive away. I live in the largest city in the country but can find myself sitting on a river bank watching deer with only a 10 minute walk. Thanks for the pictures 🙂

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  3. It does look very tranquil and having tried a bit of photography myself I know it isn’t easy to capture the feeling of what we see. I particularly like those grasses (are they grasses?) that seem to be moving with the wind.

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  4. I have always thought New Zealand to be breath taking since I saw that the Hobbit was filmed on location there. Your photos are very serene. Keep sharing. I don’t know if I will ever get to travel to your portion of our planet. Thanks for posting.

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  5. Thank you for the lovely pictures. Since I was a little girl walking in the woods and by the creek in them brought me the peace and sense of unity with nature that I see in your photographs. In my office, I had an Ansel Adams poster, a simple pencil drawing of sheep in a pasture, and a autumn photo by my father-in-law of a millpond with ducks with the steeple of a church behind it. When I was feeling stressed, I used to “put myself into the picture: that felt most peaceful in that moment. It only took a couple of minutes to regroup…looking at your photos I feel like I could take a calming . walk through them as well. Great post!

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  6. Wow! Great pics and I am happy I popped in to look at them. I imagined myself walking with you (not in a wierd way I’m just a visual thinker) and you are giving me a tour. My point is you took me there! Thanks….I also wanted to say only recently I have taken the time and actually looked at the peace and beauty of my backyard! I now make it a point to be out in earth’s magnetic places of serenity. I live in Eureka California. My backyard has the bay and the Pacific ocean! And just outside of town is the Redwood National Forest! I mean wow so much beauty just waiting for me to get one with. I started with a walk in the drizzling coast air. It made me stop and smell the roses… to speak. It’s nice to see your peace I may someday do one similar of my home town. Thanks LOVE it!!

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    1. You’re welcome. I’m just SO enjoying the natural beauty around here and being out in it. Wanted to say thanks because you are part of the reason I’ve started taking photos – because I really enjoy yours and thought I’d try my hand. So grateful that my phone has a great camera!!! Who knew?!!

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    1. You are very welcome. I feel like I’d really like for my blog to be a peaceful space away from the world – a place of peace and refuge; a virtual sanctuary. Perhaps I should share photos more often… Anyway – thanks for your comments and encouragement. Come walking with me anytime 🙂

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      1. Well your blog is very peaceful in this chaos blogosphere! So you are doing something right. You gave me the idea to take my blog followers on a walk where I live in Eureka, CA this has a ton of Victorian homes and buildings and most overlook Humboldt County bay. Then a very short drive over a bridge we have the Pacific ocean! The bay and old town are just a few short blocks. Sunsets are breathtaking! Now that is just my front yard! A few miles away is a very special . The California Redwoods. And you can take a niche ride through The Avenue of the Giants. I am trying to embed video for you about it on my blog. Check it ~ if it works lol

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