Tough times

quiet night sea

I’m aware that this is a time of year which can be difficult for some. Christmas and New Year often trigger reminders of those who have gone from our lives.  Within the first ten days of 2015 I attended a wedding and 2 funerals. I also have a friend whose partner suicided during this period and 2016 will mark the third anniversary of her death.

When I think about those who are no longer with us, I feel for the friends and family I know (and all of those I don’t know) who will undergo further pain as the anniversary looms. The wounds may not be raw and bleeding, but the wounds still weep and the sorrow lingers.  For those who lost loved ones at other times of the year, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year continue to arrive reminding us of those we used to share these holidays with, those who we can no longer celebrate with. Reminding us that life goes on regardless. Whether we want it to or not.

While I don’t want this post to be negative – I do want to remember those who are finding life tough (for whatever reasons). Whether it’s a difficult time because of the loss of a loved one, or due to poor health or incredibly tight finances;  a slump of some kind that is difficult to get over; a stumbling block, illness or addiction that keeps tripping you up – I just want to encourage you. I’d like to give you a virtual hug, to offer you a place of peace, a listening ear, to offer my hope that what life brings in the coming weeks and months will outweigh the struggles you’re currently facing. I wish you hope; I wish you the hope you need to keep going. I wish you rest from anxiety; I wish you the time, ability and opportunity to be able to view life from another perspective. I wish you a holiday from worry (even if it’s only for a few moments, a few minutes, a few hours).  I wish you optimism in the face of negativity and pessimism.  I wish you positive thoughts and that you will be treated with dignity and compassion by your fellow humans. I wish you healing. I wish you friendship, and the knowledge that someone cares.  I wish you overwhelming kindness. I wish you light in the darkness; a place of peace during conflict.  I wish you freedom from sorrow and pain.

I wish you hope. For tomorrow.  And the next tomorrow.  And the tomorrow after that…


6 thoughts on “Tough times

    1. Agree, and sometimes events heighten the fact that someone is gone. Just wanted to remember those who are struggling – appreciate you saying that it was positive & comforting – that’s what I hoped but wasn’t sure my timing was right.


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