To Those Who Keep Trying

This is too good not to share. Please read and enjoy….

My Friday Blog

Here is to those who keep trying; the ones who have lost but continue on.  Here is to the ones in constant pain of one kind or another who refuse to throw in the towel.  Here is to the people who don’t believe the social media memes that consistently seem to say if a relationship went bad that you are broken.  Here is to the people who are happy with themselves but strive to be a better version of themselves than they were the previous day.  Here is to the sick who continue to fight.  Here is to the people who still give a fuck, despite being told not to in order to protect themselves.  Here is to the lonely who still believe that they will find someone worthy to spend their time with.  Here is to the friendless who still smile at people and say hi to strangers.  Here…

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