Old and Wise

Today’s message is simple and is one of my husband’s favourite sayings:

“In order to be old and wise,           first you must be young               and stupid!”

We’ve all been there haven’t we? But the positive outcome from those dumb things we did when we were younger?  They have helped shape the people we are today. 

Older, and hopefully, wiser.


9 thoughts on “Old and Wise

  1. I found your blog through Haddon musings I linked! Don’t ask how but I failed to pop a picture on, never mind all that now. I am here and you with all your wiseness will I hope visit my emporium of word and rhyme and virtual Bloggers we will become. Virtual friendships and Advisers, we can never have too many. I too have been both young and stupid but am I wise? Will others seek me out to pick my brains? Of that we have to wait and see. I believe the youth listen well, but how much filters through their busy heads only they the individuals really know. *shakes hand* pleased to meet you. 😇

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