Solitude is the soul’s holiday, an opportunity to stop doing for others and to surprise and delight ourselves instead                                     – Katrina Kenison

Maybe it’s the introvert in me, but there are times I long for solitude.

But what if I choose to create it when I need it and to take it with me into whatever I’m doing and where ever I am.

Today’s definition of solitude at 9.19 am on a Sunday morning:

Solitude = peace, contentment and happily being in my own company

I’m going to choose to take that with me as I go outside to potter in the garden. To potter alone, and be at peace with myself, to be content, and to enjoy being happy with myself, enjoying/luxuriating in my own company.

I’m going outside into my garden – to enjoy solitude; to give my soul a holiday; expectant for opportunities in which I might find surprise and take delight  🙂

[P.S. My time in the garden was great!!]


One thought on “Solitude

  1. One of my surgery professors recognized that even though I am an extrovert, I am foremost, an empath. As such, I have to spend time in nature alone with myself and my thoughts or I burn out quickly. I suspect this is the case with you as I read your wonderful posts! I have a physician friend, an introvert, who is an empath, who recharges in nature, like myself (not on the roof of the hospital). Though, I refer to him as my “touchstone”, his eye is amazing; his creativity/energy is palpable for me though we are a thousand miles apart. His giftedness is scary for me because I do pick up much from him. When we met, the energy was a bit frightening even for this adventurer Amazon woman.

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