How Big Is My World?


I work in an environment where I am surrounded by older women. I see in them a variety of opinions, differing lifestyles, patterns of behaviour, and a variety of responses to aging. In some I see a reluctance to embrace new things – whether new technologies, different beliefs or concepts, new ideas, styles & fashions, or a reluctance to accept different cultural and religious perspectives. They are creatures of habit and known habits attract predictability and a sense of surety.

On the other hand, some of my colleagues are much more open to new ideas and technology; will try something new, go to see new movies, try different hairstyles and clothes, try new restaurants and strange food. These women seem more aware of what’s going on around them; the needs of others, their own needs and limitations; are not scared of change; don’t have a tendency to panic; they always attempt to keep things light and fun, and exhibit a willingness to laugh, even at their own expense. They are not always ‘nice’ because they no longer see the need to be nice; they choose to be honest. They might miss things and people from their pasts but they look forward to a positive future.  These women are fun to be around and I am very grateful to have them in my world.

Change, like aging, is inevitable. There’s not much point in fighting it because change is a constant, so we might as well go with it. We have to be willing to change too if we want to continue to play a role and be relevant in the current world.

Every day we have a choice -do we choose to keep our world just as it is, or do we choose to explore, to step outside of our current experience; do we limit our world by not being willing to change, not being willing (or able) to adapt and evolve and grow. Do we limit our experience of the world because it takes an openness, effort & energy to be willing to learn new things, to choose to adapt, and be prepared to expand our world. As we age, do we have a tendency to resist change, to cling to what we know, to the familiar patterns of behaviour or views that have served us well in years gone by.

change. grow. adapt.

be open to new ideas.

When I make an effort to change/adapt/grow/be willing to think through new or different ideas, in so doing I am opening up my world so that as I age my world becomes bigger, not smaller; has new life, new colours, new growth rather than old wallpaper, worn carpets, and the decade-old props we cling to for comfort.

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7 thoughts on “How Big Is My World?

    1. Thanks for your kind words and thanks for the feedback -I love hearing that someone else shares a similar perspective, a similar way of looking at the world. Very encouraging. Looking forward to reading more of your posts 😊


  1. it is dilemma, re; change, is it not? sometimes we are required to accept and adapt to them, and sometime we want to make them (as you elegantly wrote). your last paragraph also reminded me another blog where it was emphasized how much better welcoming but not resisting the change feels.. great post!

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  2. I think it’s quite important to be open to the newer things….we tend to think that how we learned things/how they used to be were better. But I think some of the newer ways/things can be just as good and it’s always important to learn and grow. I think it’s critical in all areas of our lives just as you’ve said! And the funny thing is we may know it, but sometimes it’s hard to do it!! jodie

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