Love is a choice

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Love is something I feel. It can be a sense, a smile, an attitude, a way of being.  It took me a long time to realise that love is also a choice.

In relationships, I can choose to hold on to hurts and offenses, or I can choose to let them go and move on. I can choose to love, or not. When a relationship becomes difficult, we can choose to stay and persevere, or choose to walk away.  In marriage, in relationships with family and friends –  we experience ups and downs – time when it’s great being together, and times when it’s great to be apart!  Hopefully the good times outweigh the bad…

But at the end of the day, and in fact at the beginning of the day, and through out the day, we choose to love.

Sometimes, we choose to maintain relationships with our loved ones, and that may mean making a choice to love them when we’d rather not. When a child behaves badly, we may not like their choices, their words or actions but we choose to love them as a person. In marriage we do that too. We may have made a commitment to love someone – and sometimes that might mean we need to make a choice to keep loving them. A choice we make again, and again, and again, and again.

Due to my battles with depression and poor self esteem, the issue for me is more about making a choice to love myself. And it makes sense that this too, might be an ongoing choice that I need to continually make. A reminder that I choose to love and care for myself. And my choices determine my behaviour. If I choose to love and care for myself, then I choose to look after myself, to look after my mind and my body, and hopefully make positive choices around my own care. If I sabotage my own efforts, then I am not acting in love, and my behaviour reflects those choices.

Right now I choose to love and accept myself, imperfections and all

because love is a feeling, a behaviour, a choice

Love is an ongoing choice

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