The Coming Change

The past few days have been lovely. Spring is well and truly here and already it has begun to herald the coming summer with a taste of warmer weather and sunny skies.

The magnolia tress are all in bud or in flower and the daffodils have come and gone. There are lots of wild ducks around at present and many are followed by a small ‘crowd’ of ducklings. A duck and her ducklings is such a heart warming sight isn’t it? We have a pair of ducks who currently visit us twice a day and others who simply turn up in the back yard and wander around hoping someone will appear with food.

Dog and I have been out walking. She may not be a puppy – she’s 14 but she acts like a puppy if she thinks a walk is on the cards. She starts dancing around the room and barking in that ‘I’m so excited I can’t help myself’ sort of way.
There are lots of birds in the trees and they sing and chatter throughout the day. Dog loves the birds (chasing them mostly) but walks are her absolute favourite (almost as exciting as eating… but not quite).  So recently, now it’s that time of year, we’ve started walking again. She’s a small dog (part Fox Terrier and part Jack Russell) and what she lacks in size she makes up for in enthusiasm.

Walking gives me time to think. And of course I feel virtuous because I’m exercising and doing something positive for my body. Dog and I often chat while we’re walking. Well, I do most of the talking and she does most of the listening… or sometimes not listening (- she is a dog after all.) Whether she’s listening or not, she’s happy coz we are out walking, and as you know, walking is one of her favourite things.

Because it’s spring and I am aware of the changes going on in the garden – the daffodils and tulips, daphne and magnolias; and  because the bird life has increased and with the almost ubiquitous ducks, I’m aware that this is a time of growth, a time of change, a time of newness and discovery. I’ve been thinking about change and how it can lead to discovery. With change comes possibility and opportunity. It might be time for something new. It might be a time to explore, uncover, open or reveal. It might be time to learn something new, to make a decision, to take a chance, to plan and then do.

Change always comes bearing gifts

We can’t always see what those gifts will be – but I do believe there will be some. Change brings the gifts of new opportunities and new possibilities….

Change. Comes. Bearing. Gifts.              What opportunities and possibilities await?

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