Words and ideas that make me smile :)

I’m not a wordsmith. I don’t naturally have a way with words. But I will give things a go. And there are some words that I like, some that just roll around on your tongue like good toffee. I’ve been thinking about words today. Words that I have particular affection for because they ‘feel like me’ or maybe they feel like what I want to feel like; or at the very least, they resonate with me on some level. Here’s a small list, in no particular order, of words that somehow make me feel good… or at least make me feel something:

sanctuary; haven; butterfly; subtle; mercy; integrity; empathy; compassion; gracious; indigo; violet; kindness; truth; mindful; gentle; peaceful; rest; enable; tranquil; delight; honesty; gentle rain; mirage; flame; zephyr; calm; kingfisher; tui; wood pigeon, waxeye, fantail; koru; quiet; coastal; mountain top; touch; kinetic;

It’s actually quite a liberating process – firstly making a list of things I enjoy (and that list a few days ago took me ages to write) and then writing words that I have an attachment to. Funny how some read like the beatitudes, and others are colours, or birds, or quiet/gentle/calm-related words, or sanctuary/haven-type words. Funny how my mind brings all of these words together in one heap; almost a random heap, but NOT random, not random at all. Purposeful. They say something about me, or about who I’d like to be, or an environment I’d like to create.

I have a dream (- not true, actually I have many dreams!) – I have a specific dream that if money were no object, I would love to have some land – and to create some spaces (be they baches, or cabins or tiny cottages or whatever) that could be used as a get-away, a retreat, a quiet haven, a sanctuary where women (in particular), could take time out from their day to day world. Somewhere lovely to come and just be. Somewhere welcoming, and private, and warm, and comfortable and quiet – with books and cushions and couches, and music and a fireplace and beautiful scented daphne bushes, rose bushes, wild gardens and streams, probably ducks and geese and chickens and quails, and lots of vegetable gardens growing a variety of fresh vegetables (my husband could tend those perhaps), and fruit trees and nuts…

I’m not sure exactly why I want to create a haven for women (just a few at a time) but I would like to. I’d like to have a big enough studio that I could paint, and other women could come and paint too, or sculpt or draw or write or do whatever creative things they wanted; where if she wanted to, a guest could cook to her hearts content – or not cook if she didn’t want to; could sew or draw or garden – or not do any of those things – just as each guest wished. So that this space was whatever retreat each woman needed it to be.

It’s just a dream and I hold it lightly, but it’s nice to think positively about “what if…”

2 thoughts on “Words and ideas that make me smile :)

  1. This is intriguing, I like your idea and your fun way of writing. Keep it up, because you have talent. Also, your comment brought me tears of joy so thank you so so much.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. This is all new to me and I’m still finding my way but really enjoying the process; so if we get the opportunity to encourage someone else along the way, all the better – maybe that’s why we are both ‘here’ at the same time. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. Hope you had/have a good day today 🙂


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